The American Dream: Special Factory Employee Gets a New Car

factory employee gets a new carIt’s the American dream–a hard-working factory employee gets a new car.  However, for James Robertson, who walked 21 miles round-trip (rain or shine) to work in Detroit, this dream is a reality.

Unable to pay for car repairs or auto insurance, for ten years Robertson walked the near-marathon distance to his factory job.  Starting his trek at 8am, Robertson always made it in time for his 2pm-10pm shift—only to thereafter face the arduous journey home, typically arriving back by 4am.  Thankfully, his commute-time just significantly decreased thanks to Blake Pollack and a nearby Ford dealership.

A local banker, Pollack noticed Robertson’s routine walking schedule, and one day offered him a ride.  After developing a trusted friendship, Pollack and Robertson took a detour to a dealership to “look at brochures”—only to have Robertson drive off the lot in his own brand new 2015 Ford Taurus—his dream car—gifted by the dealership.

“It’s simple on the outside and strong in the inside—like me,” said Robertson of his new Taurus.

To ensure Robertson can pay for car insurance and auto repairs, a trust has been developed and generous supporters have raised over $300,000 in funds. “I can’t thank people enough,” said Robertson.

We at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars are amazed by Mr. Robertson’s dedication to his job, and are glad he’s finally being rewarded for it.

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