Organize Your Car with these Tips and Tricks

Organize Your CarEvery New Year presents an opportunity for a new start. If getting organized was on our list of resolutions this year, don’t leave out your car. Often, our cars become our homes on-the-go; add kids and/or pets to the mix, and your car could become a disaster zone in no time. Follow these car organization tips to get your car looking like new on the inside, and keep it that way.

Clean up! First things first. Grab a trash bag (or dumpster, depending on your situation) and get to work throwing away all trash, and take everything out of the car’s interior (including glove box, center console, and trunk). Vacuum and wipe down every nook and cranny. Don’t forget to clean the windows (might as well while you’re at it).

Add a trash receptacle. Find a small trash can and put it within reach. recommends using a cereal container; it’s the perfect size and is thin enough to easily fit in the backseat. If an actual trash can sounds obtrusive and ridiculous to you, just keep a small trash bag or Ziploc bag in the car. If you regularly transport children or pets, consider stuffing an empty tissue box with baggies and keep it in the car. This way you always have a bag on hand for dirty diapers, trash, etc.

Organize the glove box. The glove box tends to be a hoarding ground for paperwork we don’t need. Keep only the essentials: proof of insurance and car registration, car owner’s manual, and any other necessary items. Consider keeping a pen or two handy, your garage door opener, phone charger, and a small emergency or first aid kit.

Organize the backseat. If you have children, you might want to consider purchasing a backseat organizer like this one. It will help you contain wipes, toys, snacks, drinks, books, etc.

Organize the trunk. This trunk organizer keeps all of your emergency items conveniently packed away. Things like a flashlight, jumper cables, extra washer fluid, a blanket, and ice scraper are must-have items.

Keep it organized. Make it a point to keep things put away, throw away trash, and regularly clean your car.

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