Seven Million Sold Thanks to the Classic Ford Explorer Design

ford explorer interiorWith the Explorer, the number to keep in mind for today is seven million. Ford recently announced it’s sold a whopping seven million Ford Explorers since the inception of the vehicle in the early ‘90s. With that many on the road, you know the automaker is doing something right.

The classic Ford Explorer design is what keeps bringing drivers back time and time again. It is America’s favorite SUV: it’s rugged, it’s dependable, and it has plenty of room. According to Ford, the Explorer represents what most people are looking for in a car.

“Explorer changed the way the world thought about the family hauler–adventure became something you could put in your driveway,” said Craig Patterson, Ford Explorer marketing manager. “Explorer helped the family vehicle become an emotional purchase rather than a necessity. It’s no surprise it’s been the best-selling sport utility vehicle for a quarter century.”

To mark the occasion, Ford is unveiling a special edition 2016 model. This new version is raising the bar, aiming to be the best car on the market. To check out an iconic Explorer SUV, stop by Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars today.

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