Tesla Considers Creating Certified Used Car Program

Certified Used Car Program
Tesla has started buying back many of its Model S sedans (like that picture above) in efforts to begin their own certified used car program.

When you think of Tesla, you probably think of high-priced, luxury electric vehicles. Now, though, your idea of what Tesla is might just change. The California-based company recently guaranteed publicly that they will buy any electric sedans that are three years old, which shows us something major: the company is looking to expand its own certified used car program by buying back many of its Model S sedans.

Tesla Chief Elon Musk made it clear that this program was being expanded, after guaranteeing that, if the company wouldn’t buyback three-year-old vehicles for at leas 43% of the car’s sticker price, he would fork over the cash for those cars himself. With the possibility of the used Tesla sales having higher margins than new car sales, the likelihood of Tesla turning a profit is high. This new program will also make it easy for consumers to walk into a Tesla showroom and drive off the lot with a car, rather than custom ordering a vehicle and waiting for delivery.

What do you think of the expansion of Tesla’s Certified Used Car Program? Share your thoughts with Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars below!

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