Four Helpful Tips for Driving in Wet Weather

Driving in wet weather
Make sure to follow these simple tips to stay safe while driving in wet weather.

When it rains during the fall, the water combines with fallen leaves and makes for a slippery commute. We at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars thought we would take a moment to highlight some tips for driving in wet weather to help keep you safe on the road this season.

  1. Slow down! It’s really simple: the more water on the roadways, the harder your tires have to work to keep in contact with the road. Help them out by slowing down. This will also give you more time to react should your vehicle slip on the wet ground or leaves.
  2. Don’t cruise. Setting your cruise control in rainy weather can increase your chances of losing control of the car and decrease your ability to respond quickly to a slippery situation.
  3. Ease your foot onto the pedals. Sudden acceleration and braking only make matters worse in wet weather. You’ll have much more control if you gently step on the gas and refrain from stomping on the brakes if the car does start to slip and slide. Instead, stay focused on where you want to go and continue steering while easing off the gas.
  4. Avoid your high beams. The brighter light can reflect off the rain drops, which will actually make it harder to see.

We hope you enjoy the fall and all the festivities it brings. If you happen to find yourself driving on a wet road littered with colorful leaves, just remember these driving tips from your favorite car dealer.

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