Halloween Tips for Safety and Fun!

October 1st came rather quickly this year, and now it is time to prepare for the second most money-spending holiday of the year. There is much they tell you about being safe with candy, walking around, and costumes, but as drivers, we also need to be careful on All Hallows’ Eve. Follow our Halloween tips for safety, as well as some fun ideas for your car.

Halloween Tips – Safety

Drive slowly. It is no secret that there will be kids and parents walking around going from house to house to collect candy. Make sure you drive slowly in case a random ghost or pirate happens to walk across the street when they shouldn’t.

Halloween Tips
Make sure to drive safe on Halloween Night to keep the trick-or-treaters safe.

Don’t text and drive. Texting while driving is dangerous enough, when you add crowded streets and anxious kids, taking your eyes off the road makes it even worse.

Yield to pedestrians. It doesn’t matter if pedestrians are correctly walking in a crosswalk or darting into the street unexpectedly, try to yield to pedestrians to make their excursion safer.

Now that we have covered some basic driving tips for Halloween night, it’s time to go over some fun.

Halloween Tips – Fun

Dress your car up. It may not sound easy, but you can dress your car up for Halloween too. Whether it is just lights, cobwebs, or an actual full-on costume, it would be fun to have your dressed-up car in your driveway on Halloween night.

Frighten some trick-or-treaters. When a trick-or-treaters walk up to your door they are often expecting something to pop out at them and give them a fright. How often, though, do kids expect a car horn to go off when they walk past or lights to flash on them? That could be a fun way to do some tricking over your own.

Use our Halloween tips to help you remain safe on the road and to have a little fun with our door-to-door beggars. From all of us here at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars, Happy Halloween!

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