Long-Lasting Used Cars: They’re Not a Myth!

If you’ve ever undertaken the arduous task of searching for a used car, you know how hard it can be to find something affordable that actually…well, has doors or an engine that runs, etc. Legend tells of special used vehicles that are both affordable and long-lasting—the holy grail of the used car market—but somehow these treasures remain elusive. Fortunately, Forbes recently captured ten of these treasures on a list, just for you.

long-lasting used cars
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Turns out, these sort of long-lasting used cars are less obscure than one would think. Perhaps it’s the old “hiding in plain sight” routine. Forbes’ list includes reliable sedans like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord but also finds room for full-size pickup trucks like the F-150 and Silverado. Even the luxury and minivan segments are represented, by the Acura TL and Honda Odyssey, respectively.

“Because so many of these popular, long-lasting models are priced below market value right now, consumers who buy one of these cars are essentially getting an instant coupon for about 10 percent off,” Phong Ly, CEO of the invaluable iSeeCars.com, explains. “Consumers purchasing these cars now can not only get a great deal, but can feel confident they are selecting a reliable vehicle that is going to last a long time.” If you’ve been looking for this particular treasure trove for a long time, the search is now over: Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars marks the spot!

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