How to Keep Your Used Car Looking Brand New

Buying a used car is always a great idea—not only does it save you money, but it does so while also giving you the majority of features that you want in a car. Making sure that your used car stays in top condition, though, is a difficult task to undertake. To keep your used car looking brand new, even if it has a few years on it already, make sure you follow these great tips!

Keep Your Used Car Looking Brand New
If you follow these three easy tips, you can keep your used car looking brand new, and that’s something to celebrate!

Tune your car to fit your climate’s needs. No matter where you live, your car will be affected by the weather and surrounding climate. If you happen to live in a cold, winter-y place such as Alaska or Minneapolis, your car will come out on the other end of winter with a bit more wear and tear than normal. For those of you who live in a humid, hot climate, the warm weather can have an immense affect on your car as well. Make sure you store your car correctly in whatever weather you have, taking care of any possible rust patches and leaks as quickly as possible, so your car stays new longer.

Keep an eye on your wheels. Your car’s wheels are an important factor in how well it runs. If your tire pressure is low, not only will it decrease your fuel economy, but it can also hurt your suspension. If your tires are unevenly balding, then your handling might be a bit off. Rotate your wheels every 5,000 miles or so and ensure your car’s driving won’t be affected.

Make sure your car is clean, inside and out. Giving your car a bath regularly is one way to keep it looking sharp. If you happen to park under a tree, make sure you take care of bird droppings as soon as possible. Otherwise, keep your car washed and waxed, and it should hold its original shine. In the cabin, make sure there is no litter lying about and that you are frequently tidying and vacuuming. This will keep the upholstery fresh looking—not to mention smelling—and will give a great first impression to your passengers.

If you follow these tips to keep your used car looking brand new, you should be set for the rest of your car’s life. Don’t forget to stop in to Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars today to see if there’s a used car out there with your name on it!

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