Top 20 Used Cars in U.S. Include Several Sports Cars

When you hear the term “used car,” you probably think of cars that are practical and affordable and, well, sometimes rather “boring.” But, according to MSN Autos, that’s a misconception; the website’s list of the top 20 used cars in the U.S. actually includes more than its fair share of exciting sports cars. In fact, even some luxury cars have snuck onto this list as well.

A triumvirate of iconic sports cars shine on this list—the Dodge Charger sits at number 19, the Chevrolet Camaro at 18, and the Ford Mustang at 11. The BMW 3 Series even makes an appearance here at number 16, making a full 20% of this list the “non-boring” kind of cars. And right now is the perfect time to buy a used car, too, as MSN explained: “Since the average used car costs less than half of the average new car, more people are flocking to their local dealers and used car lots. Just like new car shoppers, consumers looking for used wheels are concerned about safety and reliability, among other factor.”

Ford Mustang | Top 20 Used Cars
The Ford Mustang sits at number 11 on the top 20 used cars list from MSN Autos.

While dependable vehicles like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord still sit atop the list—and probably always will—it’s just good to know that you have all sorts of options when it comes to buying a used car. Come see us at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars to check out all of those options today.

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