Stay on the Road with These Tire Care Tips

While every part of your car has an important job to do for a smooth ride, there is nothing that can keep you on the road better than your tires. As the only thing between your car and the pavement, your tires deserve a large amount of love and attention, especially as the weather begins to cool off. Follow these tire care tips to ensure your car will stay on the road and running smoothly!

Check your tire pressure. It is amazing the ways your car is affected by low tire pressure. Not only can it change your fuel economy and quality of ride, but low tire pressure also increases the likelihood of a blowout. Set a specific day each month to check your tire pressure and ensure that it’s at the correct tire inflation PSI (pounds per square inch) for your car. For help with this, you can always go into your local tire store and have them inflate and check your tires for you.

Tire Care
By taking proper care of your tires, you will be sure to stay on the road longer!

Become friends with Abraham Lincoln. As strange as this sounds, good old Abe Lincoln can be your friend when it comes to taking care of tires, specifically when it comes to checking your tires’ tread depth. All you have to do is take a penny and turn it so Abe’s head is upside down. Once you have done this, insert the penny into the tread. If you can see the top of Abe’s head, you will need new tires. If his head mostly disappears, you’re in the clear. After all, Abe can’t lie.

Don’t forget to rotate. Tire rotation makes sure that your tires have the equal opportunity to wear down. Rotating them every 5,000 to 7,000 miles will maximize the life of your tire and keep your car better balanced, increasing the quality of handling.

Buy the manufacturer’s recommended tires. For each car they produce, manufacturers suggest a specific type of tire, making it easy to pick what one will work best for you. Also, it’s important to consider your driving conditions. If you live in snowy areas like Michigan or Minnesota, you need different tires than those who live in Arizona.

Store winter tires properly. At the end of the winter season, if you happen to live in a snowy area and have special winter tires to use, it’s important still to store these tires properly. That means making sure they are out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark place with one on top of the other.

With these tire care tips, your tires are sure to keep you on the road! If you have tire care tips that you would like to share with Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars, tell us about them below!

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