Navdy Aims to Take Distractions Out of Driving

Navdy hopes to help take all distractions out of driving.

A new technology promises to reduce distracted driving by projecting cell phone functions into the driver’s view of the road. Navdy is an aftermarket heads-up display (HUD) which sits on the dashboard and projects information that appears to be about six feet in front of the driver, according to Autoblog.

Navdy allows drivers to use hand motions and voice recognition to control apps, take calls, get directions, and respond to or dismiss text messages. Navdy already supports popular apps like Google Maps, Spotify, and iTunes, and can also read text messages out loud. This kind of technology allows drivers to maintain focus on the road while staying connected.

Heads up displays are something out of a futuristic movie; generally systems built into new cars that project important information onto the windshield, so the driver never needs to look down or away from the road. These are usually only found in luxury cars, and are just now making their way into more affordable cars like the Mini Cooper and Mazda 3. Navdy could potentially bring the safety of a HUD to any car on the road.

“Touchscreen-based apps force you to take your eyes off the road. So we started by completely rethinking what the experience of using apps behind the wheel should be like,” said company co-founder and CEO Doug Simpson in the company’s release.

As you might expect, Navdy is not cheap. The company is currently taking pre-orders, and if you order now, you can get the system for $299. Wait until 30 days after Navdy has been on the market, and that price will jump to $499. So far, this seems to be the first successful attempt at an aftermarket HUD.

Could this be the solution to confusing touchscreen infotainment displays? Maybe not, but it will certainly help us keep our eyes on the road, where they belong.

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