Michael Bublé Proves His Love for Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michael Bublé Grand Rapids
Photo Credit: Dallas Bittle

In 2011, the residents of the Clark Retirement Community here in Grand Rapids scored a viral video hit when they filmed themselves lip-syncing to Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good” single. According to MLive.com, Bublé showed his appreciation at the Van Andrel Arena on July 25th when he played the video before a cheering Michigan audience during his concert.

“It really touched me. It’s amazing,” Bublé said about the video. He then showed his appreciation by giving 100 free tickets to the Clark Retirement Community and introducing the special guests to the audience. Afterwards, he joked, “Officially, you’re now the oldest audience I’ve ever played for.”

Bublé also had some good things to say about the city itself. “I flew in three days ago,” he told the audience. “It’s a beautiful town. We walked around, did some shopping. You have a beautiful city.”

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