Do not Leave Your Dog in Your Car, They Get Hot Too

Do Not Leave Your Dog in Your Car
Even with the windows cracked, cars can get too hot for dogs in the summer.

Obviously, with summer now upon us, it is going to get hot. We are talking weather up to 100 degrees with a glaring sun shining down. So, what happens if you park your car in that heat? It is going to be even warmer inside your car because it acts as an incubator to heat. Here at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars want to remind you that that heat can harm pets if left in there, so please do not leave your dog in your car. The extreme heat can harm them just like it would do to us.

Here is a chart, provided by, telling you how hot it gets in your car:

  • 75 degrees outside = 118 degrees in your car
  • 77 degrees outside = 123 degrees in your car
  • 81 degrees outside = 138 degrees in your car
  • 90 degrees outside = 143 degrees in your car
  • 94 degrees outside = 145 degrees in your car

Moral of this chart is: if it is hotter than 70 degrees do not leave your dog in your car, leave them at home! We also have an informative video about what the heat does to a veterinarian when he locks himself in his car for 30 minutes.

Please share this information with your friends, and if you are a pet owner do not leave your dog in your car. Dogs are man’s best friend, and we should treat them that way.

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