6 Popular Cars to Avoid from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is well known for being a guide to buying, whether that be car shopping or not, and the company’s research helps to tell us why or why not a purchase is worth it. Now, we have a guide that lists the 6 Popular Cars to Avoid.

Each vehicle on the list of the 6 Popular Cars to Avoid has been tested on track and in everyday life. These vehicles are taken for commuting purposes, vacations, taking the kids around town, and various other tests that help to prove they just aren’t as good as they seem.

6 Popular Cars to Avoid

Volkswagen Beetle – Consumer Reports mentions how this is a cute little car that is fun to drive, but in repair costs, reliability, and back seat space, the bug vastly lacks.

Nissan Versa Sedan – “Nissan’s subcompact Versa sedan is disappointing, with a noisy and cheap interior. The engine drones as the car gathers speed, and the continuously variable transmission accentuates engine noise. Handling, though secure, lacks agility. The ride is compliant but jumpy.” – Consumer Reports Nissan Versa Overview

Mercedes-Benz CLA – Even though it is listed as the “affordable” Mercedes-Benz, it is still not a car in most price ranges has low visibility, lacks handling finesse and refinement, and is cramped.

Honda Crosstour – with its design, which reminds us of a lizard-looking thing, it manages to squeeze passengers into the car uncomfortably, feature hard to use touch screens, is clumsy in handling, and cargo space is limited.

 Scion tC – Consumer Reports found the performance of the Scion tC to lack, even though it received great reviews for handling. It also is uncomfortable and noisy inside the car with low visibility.

Mitsubishi Outlander – it has a big interior that can fit up to seven passengers, if you can fit anyone in that tiny third row, not to mention it accelerates slowly and shakes in a nervous ride.

We have shown you the 6 Popular Cars to Avoid from Consumer Reports, so now it is time to come to Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars to get something else! We’ll see you soon!

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