Summer Road Trips – Make Sure Your Car is Ready

Summer Road Trips
Before you take off on that vacation you’ve been planning, make sure your car is up for the drive by following these easy tips.

School is about to end for the year for elementary, middle, and high school, and your college grad is probably already home for the summer, so it is time to start planning your summer road trips. Are you thinking of driving down to Florida? Driving across the border into Canada? Heading out west for a change in scenery or to become a cowboy/cowgirl? No matter where you are going you are going to need to make sure your car is ready for the challenge.

Summer Road Trips Car Tips

Check your tires. When you are on a road trip one of the worst things that can happen is a blown tire. Leaving a tire flat can lead to this problem. Make sure your tires are newer and up for a long drive with the correct air pressure.

Get a tune-up. If it is about that time, get your car a tune-up. This will help to have the engine run smoother and not work as hard during your long drive.

Fill the liquids. Just like humans, cars need to hydrate. Make sure you have coolant in your engine to keep from overheating. If the drive is a long one, consider getting an oil change beforehand, especially if it is almost due. Get windshield wiper fluid filled so that you will have it if needed.

Clean out your car. On your summer road trips you will already be carrying big cargo like your family and luggage. You won’t want your car to have to haul any extra, unnecessary weight.

Get a car for the trip. If your current vehicle isn’t up to the task of driving long distance, then maybe it is time to check out another one. Stop by Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars and get a car that will be able to go the distance!

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