Clean Your Car Interior as well as the Exterior

Now that we are hopefully completely done with the snow, we are sure you have washed your car to get rid of the excess salt residue on your car, given it a nice shine, and are rolling around proud of your ride. Well, there is a lot more to do that just that! Yes, cleaning the exterior is important, but make sure you clean your car interior as well. This can help to prevent germs, dirt, and pollen from accumulating in your front seat, back seat, or trunk.

Steps to Clean Your Car Interior

Clean Your Car Interior
It’s important to not only clean the inside, but also to clean your car interior.

Remove Unnecessary Extras – during the winter you probably carried around extra clothes, blankets, and heat sources in case of getting stuck on the side of the road in a snow storm, or whatever reason you had. Well, now it is time to get rid of all the extra stuff. This will also help to improve you fuel efficiency because you engine won’t have to work as hard to carry around extra weight.

Take Out the Trash – trash accumulating in your car can be extremely gross. In some cases the leftover food will mold causing bacteria to be in your car, as well as an odor that can’t be tolerated. Throw out all the trash to help get rid of these problems.

Vacuum Your Seats and Floors – Vacuums are big saviors in the house, just imagine what they can for your car. They will suck up all the dirt and crumbs that your fingers can clear out as well as whatever else may be too tiny to eliminate. Make sure you get every crevice and corner to clear out the worst of it.

Clean the Upholsterycleaning your upholstery can be done with your typical cleaners or home remedies, whatever you prefer. Just make sure you give each inch of space a good scrub including the seats, floors, dashboard, cup holders, gear shift, windows, and etc. Let that beautiful interior really sparkle when you are finished.

Add a Clean Smell – finally, add a new air freshener with a scent that you won’t mind being around. Your car will shine and smell good!

Ok, we have given you the instructions to clean your car interior take the time to do it! You won’t be disappointed! If your vehicle is just unsalvageable, then come to Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars where we can set you up with a used car that is already clean!

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