Toyota Prius Models Remain #1 in California, Spreading the second year in a row Toyota Prius models are selling better than any other car in California, having that about one in every three hybrid vehicles sold is in the Golden State.

In 2013 Toyota Prius models reached a landmark 69,728 sold in California, with the United States total at around 234,000. Prius sales in Cali increased by 13% from 2012 in which 61,893 units were sold.

As we see a rise in bigger states, like California, we can expect that it will soon spread throughout the rest of the nation as well. We have already seen a rise in sales since the hybrid debuted in 1999. In fact, the Prius family sales reached over 6 million in sales thanks to 2013 numbers. “The automaker states that as of New Year’s Eve, it has sold 6.072 million hybrid vehicles across the world,” says Toyota of San Bernadino via The News Wheel.

Now, Toyota is also looking forward to featuring their wireless charging. Simply enough, a vehicle will charge just by parking over a charge coil system on the round. We guess you could say that this will take the term “plug-in hybrid” to “wireless hybrid.” Maybe we should think of something better.

Be a part of the Toyota Prius and look for one today. It doesn’t matter if its new or used, you are welcome to join!

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