Grand Rapids Car Service from Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars

Grand Rapids Car ServiceA lot of times when people hear the name “Dan Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars” they think of a used car lot with a sales guy wearing some kind of carpet for a suit jacket. Well, it’s quite the contrary here, and there is much more to us than just used cars. We offer car service in Grand Rapids on Plainfield Avenue!

So what have you needed recently? After a long fought winter do you need some new tires on your car? Is it just about time to get an oil change? Can you not bear the sound of those squealing brakes anymore? Then come on down to Pfeiffer Plainfield and our experienced service team can take care of whatever you need!

Now we know that is sounds expensive to get a car, SUV, truck, wagon, or whatever it is fixed, but with our service specials you can’t go wrong! There is always some kind of deal running for our service department so make sure you contact us to find out what it is.

Parts are also an important aspect of a properly running engine. At our dealership we can find you the right parts you need to get the job done correctly.

Schedule an appointment for your next car service in Grand Rapids, MI today.

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