Gas Saving Tips You Might Not Think Of

Does anyone remember when gas prices were around $1.50 per gallon? It seems like so long ago, but in reality it just over a decade ago. Nowadays we need to think of every way possible to save on gas consumption, so make sure that you follow some of these gas saving tips that you might not think of.


Gas Saving Tips
Use these tips to help save on the money you’re spending on gas.

Gas Saving Tips

Lighten Your Load – Not many people realize that the heavier a car is the more gas it takes to move it. Because of this people often leave items in their cars that make it heavier golf clubs, clothes, trash, etc). Take these items out to make it easier on your engine.

Fill Up When it is Colder – gasoline will expand in higher temperatures, that’s just science. So when you are looking to get some gas, make sure you do it in the coldest part of the day, such as the morning on your way to work. That way, it will expand as the day progresses and you will have more!Become a Member – Some gas stations often offer membership cards that can end up saving you on gas, or build points to earn you other prizes. While the prizes, in turn, can save you money that is too long of a process to explain. However, getting discounts on your gas is self-explanatory.

So make sure you are saving yourself some gas and some money by following these easy gas saving steps, and let us know how they worked for you in our comment box!

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