Car Care Month Tips

Car Care Month
Routinely getting necessary maintenance work on your car will save you a lot of hassle down the road.

This month is Car Care Month, and we want to give you a few things to make sure you check before the weather starts getting cold. These are small things, that when checked and maintained properly, can make the life of your car last even longer.

  • Fuel – be sure to add a bottle of fuel de-icer once a month during winter months to keep moisture in your take and helps to keep your fuel line from freezing.
  • Oil – this is important year round, but make sure you’re getting regular oil changes. Oil will keep your car alive forever as long as you’re changing it regularly.
  • Battery – be sure to clean away any corrosion from the posts and cables. This will help with the life of your battery and will help with the connections too. Be sure to check your vehicle manual before removing any cables, however, because some newer cars may lose data/codes if cables are detached. Also be sure to wear protective equipment (gloves, eye wear) when working with corrosion or rust.

To schedule any maintenance work, please contact Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars’ Service Department.

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