Allow for Safe Travel this Holiday Weekend

With the approaching holiday, many families will be hitting the roads to travel, and we’ve got the best advice before you pack up that car. Everything from the best times to travel to keeping the kids entertained, you’ll definitely want to read this before leaving this weekend.

Holiday Travel TipsCheck your car before you leave. You should always do this, but especially before taking a turn for a longer road trip. Make sure all the engine fluids are topped off and tires are properly inflated. Making sure you have jumper cables and your spare tire is ready for an emergency is also a good idea.

Avoid the craziness. Plan out the best time to leave to avoid traffic; the best time to travel is before 4 pm or after 10 pm to avoid rush hour. Also make sure to pack a map in case you run into traffic or your GPS dies.

Keep the music calm. A recent study shows it’s better to listen to calmer music while driving. It keeps your mood better and doesn’t add distractions.

Packing food and drinks can help you save time and money, but if traveling with little ones, make sure to not over pack. Everyone wants to get out and stretch at one point, but snacks can help hold everyone over from stop to stop.

Bring games. It’s simple but could be what saves your sanity in the car. Even if it’s something as simple as a word search, it will take your mind off of the time you’re spending in the car.

We hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend and safe travels. If you’re headed anywhere, we want to hear about it in the comments below! Happy Labor Day from everyone at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars.

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