How To: Change a Burnt Out Fuse

Fuse box
The fuse box can be found in one of two places. Read to the left to find out where!

This is a post for all the women out there, men you can read too if you’d like. Ladies, have you ever wished you sort of knew a little about cars? Say your turn signals don’t work and after changing the light bulb, they’re still not working or your light goes out, do you know how to fix it without taking it to a mechanic? It’s often as simple as a blown fuse. Once you’ve determined that a fuse is to blame, follow the quick steps below to fix the problem.

  1. Turn your car off before beginning any work.
  2. The fuse box can be found under the dashboard (usually) just below the driver’s left knee.
  3. The fuse box is usually a small plastic box; a cover will pop open and can be opened without any tools. If the fuse you are looking for isn’t inside the car, a second fuse box can be found inside the engine compartment.
  4. After you remove the fuse box cover, there will be a chart telling what each fuse controls.
  5. Find the blown fuse. To do this, look for the fuse that looks burnt out or the connection in the middle is broken.
  6. To remove the burned-out fuse, grab either side of the fuse and pull gently. Some cars have a small “fuse remover” which can be used to remove it.
  7. Take the burnt out fuse to a hardware or auto parts store to get an identical replacement.
  8. Replace the fuse by pressing firmly, until it snaps back into place.
  9. Start the car and test the feature which had burnt out.
  10. Congratulations, you’ve successfully replaced a fuse!

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