National Hot Dog Month

Did you know July is National Hot Dog Month? In honor of all the baseball games and picnics and cookouts that are being held this month, we wanted to bring you some information and facts about hot dogs that you might not have known.

  1. hot dogs on a grillMichigan’s favorite dog is Michigan Coney Island Dog (aka the Michigan Coney). This favorite features a meaty chili sauce on top of a hot dog with mustard and onions.
  2. Mickey Mouse’s first on screen words were “Hot Dog!” marking his transition from the silent screen.
  3. The first baseball hot dog was sold in 1893.
  4. The name “hot dog” is attributed to a cartoonist who saw a cart selling “red hot dachshund dogs” and was unable to spell dachshund, so he printed that instead instead.
  5. The average dog is finished in five bites and eaten with ones hands.
  6. Out of all 30 MLB parks, Miller Park in Milwaukee is the only one which sausages outsell hot dogs per season.
  7. Hot dogs consumed during baseball games each year could round the bases 41,667 times.
  8. Six Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles can be found in the country.

Everyone at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars hopes you have a great summer and enjoy all of your events where America’s favorite ballpark food is being served!

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