Mobility Conversion Vehicles

Choosing the right conversion vehicle to accommodate mobility-challenged drivers and those with disabilities can be a difficult task.  Not only are there several options, as almost any vehicle can now be adapted, but drivers often forget to consider several important factors when making their decision on the best conversion vehicle for their needs and lifestyle. 

To help drivers evaluate their options, Edmunds recently compiled a list of five questions to consider when choosing between a sedan, coupe, minivan, full-size van, or SUV as a mobility conversion vehicle. 

How severe are your mobility challenges?

Individuals with minor mobility challenges and who do not require a wheelchair or have the upper-body strength to move in and out of wheelchairs easily may find that sedans and coupes offer more accessible seat heights and are also less costly to convert than larger vehicle options. 

How important are practicality and convenience?

While not as stylish, vans and minivans provide a superior level of convenience and functionality, especially for those drivers in wheelchairs.  Many vans can be converted to allow individuals to remain in their wheelchair while driving, making it easier and quicker to maneuver in and out of the vehicle. 

Are you shopping for both current and future needs?

Mobility conversion vehicles are a large investment so it is important to consider how a driver’s disability may worsen or diminish their strength over the years.  Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are not only easier and require less energy to enter but may also reduce any unnecessary injuries from the continued movement in and out of the vehicle. 

What’s the weather like?

For those who live in colder climates, larger SUVs and vans that offer AWD may be beneficial.  It’s also important to remember that drivers who must transfer in and out of their wheelchair will be exposed to snow, rain, and severe heart longer. 

Have you gotten the help of a qualified mobility dealer?

Qualfied mobility dealers can provide the full range of options available, helping drivers determine the best vehicle for their needs, and also have the knowledge essential for proper measurement and installation of modification equipment.  Edmunds suggests drivers look for certified mobility dealers to ensure the highest level of quality and service. 


Mobility conversion vehicles not only provide those with disabilities safe and reliable transport but also offer a sense of freedom many may have lost with their mobility challenges.  Once you determine the right type of vehicle, allow Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars to help find the perfect model to fit all your needs.

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