Surprising Benefits of Buying Used

Surprising Benefits of Buying Used

It’s no surprise that used cars are less expensive than new cars, but there are other benefits to buying used, too. Here are some reasons you should consider heading down to Pfeiffer Plainfield Used for a new (used) car.


This is an unexpected benefit, because many people think that buying new offers the best variety. But when you’re looking at used cars, you’ll have a wide range of SUVs, sedans, trucks, and minivans that all have different features to fit your lifestyle. The range in model years also makes it easy to find the features you want.


While purchasing a new car feels wonderful, it doesn’t feel great knowing that the car will lose up to half of its value just in the first three years of ownership. If you buy a car that is already a model year or two old, you won’t experience a majority of the depreciation while you’re driving it, making the car more valuable.

Lower Insurance Costs

While most people know that lower overall costs come with a used car, many don’t know that insurance costs can be lower, too. That’s because insurance companies base their rates off of the value of your car. If your car is valued at a lower price, you’ll find your monthly insurance rates will be lower, too.

Visit Pfeiffer Plainfield Used to find your next new (used) car.

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