How to Spring Clean Your Car

spring clean your car

What better time to clean your car than on a breezy spring day? Break out the cleaning gloves and supplies and get ready. This brief guideline will help you get your vehicle looking like new.


Wash and Wax Exterior

Washing your car is almost a staple chore of spring and summer; when the weather warms up, it’s time to bust out the wash cloths, soap, and hose and scrub down your car. Take the cleaning up a notch by using a gentle microfiber cloth and soap made for vehicles; finish up with a layer of fresh wax to preserve the paint.


Clean Out the Interior

Before you vacuum or scrub anything, you need to get all the junk that has piled up inside your vehicle out. Get a trash bag and toss all the garbage, like food wrappers or grocery bags; bring inside changes of clothes, gym bags, and anything else you’d like to keep. Don’t forget the trunk.


Detail Clean

Now that the cabin is clear, it’s time to wash your mats, wipe or scrub down your seats, and vacuum out the floor and trunk.


Have Your Vehicle Serviced

Now that your car looks good, it’s time to make sure it runs well, too. Bring your vehicle in for a service appointment so it’s caught up with its recommended maintenance including tire rotation, oil change, and new wiper blades.


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