How to Welcome Spring into Your Home

How to Welcome Spring into Your Home

Spring officially begins on March 20 this year, and you can already see hints of the new season in a few blooming flowers and trees throughout the area. After a rough and snow-filled winter this year, we are aching for a change here at Pfeiffer Used Cars. If you are as eager as we are, here are a few ways to welcome spring into your home.

  • Add a new coat of paint. If your home feels dingy and dark, choose a room you want to spruce up and add a fresh coat of paint. Consider a light, spring-inspired color.
  • Plant a garden. Brighten up the exterior of your home with some spring blooms. Pick out your favorite flowers and plant them in your flower bed. Spring is also the time to start planting any vegetables you want to eat later this year.
  • Do some cleaning. Open up your windows and let in the fresh, crisp air. Find a cluttered space in your home and dedicate an hour or two to clearing it out. Get rid of any items you no longer need.
  • Bring in some flowers. If you have any blooming trees or flowers near you, cut off a few branches or pick a fragrant bouquet to add some life to your home.

The warmer weather can bring with it a sense of adventure. If you need a vehicle to take you to your next destination, stop by Pfeiffer Used Cars to browse our inventory.

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