How to Choose a Used Car for a Teen Driver

used car for a teen driver

Buying used is safer than ever these days, thanks to things like vehicle history reports and CPO programs. A used car can save you loads of money, but still offer some of the latest in safety and performance, so it’s the perfect option for young drivers. If you’re shopping for a used car for a teen driver, keep an eye out for these traits.

Safety Features

It takes time to feel completely comfortable behind the wheel, and even the most veteran drivers like having extra features to give them peace of mind. Luckily, many used cars from the last several years will be filled with smart safety features that can give both you and your teen driver confidence about their time on the road.


A teenager’s first car will likely be his or her car for years to come as they finish high school and begin to establish themselves in the adult world. For that very reason, you’ll want to choose something that’s going to run well for a long time.

Compact Size

Larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs are more difficult to maneuver than compact cars or small sedans. If you’re choosing between a Chevrolet Colorado and a Honda Accord from Pfeiffer Plainfield Used, opt for the sedan. It will be easier to drive and park, and will require less stops at the gas station, too.


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  1. I like the tip to get a compact car for a new driver. When I was learning how to drive I had to drive the old family mini van. It was fun to carry my friends around in, but it was hard to park.

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