Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips | Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars | Grand Rapids, MIIf there’s one thing Americans love to do, it’s take long road trips and vacations. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as planned. Here are a few road trip tips from us here at Pfeiffer Plainfield to help make your summer adventures enjoyable!

  • Inspection – Make sure to have your car professionally inspected prior to any long road trip or vacation! Doing so will help you to avoid any unnecessary, and potentially expensive, mechanical problems on the road. Make sure to ask the technician to check the fluid levels, air filter, and tread life as well.
  • Plan – Smart drivers will have a plan before they head out on the open road, but it only takes a small delay for a plan to completely fall apart. Try to develop a loosely-laid schedule that leaves room for any traffic jams, rest stops, and other delays. Doing so will ensure you arrive on time or, at worst, earlier than originally expected.
  • Roadside Assistance – If your vehicle didn’t come with standard roadside assistance coverage, it might be a good idea to join a program that does. Doing so will help ensure you aren’t waiting hours on end for a tow truck in the event that something does happen to your vehicle on the road.

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