How to Wash Your Car Like a Professional

wash your car

Now that it’s warm, you might be thinking about how to wash your car. If you want to do it like the pros do, here are some tips and tricks.

Choose Car-Safe Products

Dishwashing soap and other cleaning agents found in a household cleaner will strip the wax off your vehicle and fade paint, so use special products for your vehicle.

Deep-Clean the Exterior

Don’t underestimate the power of spraying down and washing your vehicle. You don’t have to do detail work just yet; just focus on cleaning most of your car.

Then, Focus on the Details

Since wheel wells, trims and moldings, and the undercarriage of the car are places where more dirt and grime accumulate make sure you pay attention to these areas.

Don’t Forget Wheels and Tires

Use a toothbrush to clean out between tire treads and in awkward nooks and crannies, and use a non-acid product to clean off your tires.

Dry With a Micro-Fiber Towel

Use a micro-fiber cloth to dry your vehicle for a smooth, water-spot-free finish.

Seal with Wax

While washing your car will make it shiny, wax seals in that clean look and keeps your paint lasting longer.

Here at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used, we know how to wash your car like a professional, so make sure you try out these tips next time you want to clean your ride and make it shine like new.

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