Diesel vs. Gas

At Pfeiffer Plainfield Used, we offer lots of great vehicles in both diesel and gasoline transmissions. So which one is right for you? Here we compare diesel and gas to help you decide which will best fit your needs.

Diesel vs Gas


Like gasoline, diesel fuel is made from crude oil. After the oil has been refined, it gets separated into light and heavy components, the latter of this makes up diesel. Diesel is heavier and denser than gasoline, which means that it takes higher pressure and temperatures for it to detonate. This means greater energy per gallon, which leads to higher gas mileage and more power. These engines are great for those who have high trailering needs.


The lighter components of crude oil make up gasoline, which is more flammable. Because of this, gas-fueled engines are more reliable in cold weather, where diesel vehicles sometimes have trouble. While gas engines traditionally offer less fuel efficiency than diesel, new technology is making it more likely to find gas vehicles with high fuel economy and more strength. Gasoline engines are also simpler and less expensive to maintain. At a lower cost, this is often the best choice for those who don’t have extra large towing needs.

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