5 Reasons to Buy Used

Reasons to Buy Used

There was once a small taboo that some people felt towards buying a used car. But, now buying used is smarter than ever. Here are some inarguable reasons to buy used from Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars.

Lower Cost

The biggest and most obvious reason to buy used is to save money. But that doesn’t mean what you’re paying for doesn’t have value. You can get a one-3-year-old car for significantly less than it would have been brand new, because new cars depreciate so quickly.

More Lower Costs

Because you’re paying less up front, you’ll also save money on sales tax, registration, and insurance.

Vehicle History Reports

Back in the day, buying used could be something of a gamble. Today, services like Carfax and AutoCheck let you use a vehicle identification number (VIN) to look up a vehicle’s history and learn whether it’s had any big issues in the past.


Today’s cars are built to last a long time. Where older cars might have fallen apart or rusted out after a few years of rough driving, today’s market is full of options that are meant to be durable and perform well for many years to come.

CPO Programs

If you’re still unwilling to trust a used car, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) might be the way to go. CPO vehicles are tested to meet the original manufacturer’s standards, so they’re almost as good as new but still offered at a much lower price.

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  1. That’s a comforting point you make about how today’s market for used cars is full of vehicles that are durable and meant to perform for years to come. I’ve heard, too, that buying a used car can be nice because they’ve been driven and tested and you know that they can do the job. I’ll be buying a car for my son next month for his birthday, and I’ll be sure to keep all of these great points in mind as we try to find him the perfect car.

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