Watch Out for Dodge’s New Police Cruiser

You have a new car to watch out for on the road: Dodge’s new police cruiser.

Stay on your best behavior because if not, you might be seeing a 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit in pursuit of you. The all-new police cruiser has top technology including a program called “Officer Protection Package.”

Dodge's New Police Cruiser
The 2017 Dodge Charger is the perfect compliment to any police headquarters’ list of cars.

Dodge paired with InterMotive Inc. to help develop this ideal technology for these cruisers. Protection under the program includes parking sensors that alert the driver of movement around them when the car is parked. All protection is designed to help protect officers, particularly from being ambushed from behind. Under the protection of the program, doors will automatically lock and windows will roll up when movement is detected.

“While it does not replace vigilance, this technology acts as a second set of eyes and provides police officers with added peace of mind when they are in a parked Charger Pursuit,” said Jeff Kommo, Fiat Chrysler’s VP of U.S. sales.

Every safety aspect helps for police officers. Plus, a sleek-looking cruiser isn’t bad, either. The Dodge Charger gives off an intimidating and aggressive look that screams, “Follow the rules of the road!”

And if you drive a Dodge Charger? Now you have something in common with the law!

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