Best Car Washes in Grand Rapids

Springtime is coming slowly, which means that there still might be plenty of snow that has yet to arrive. The wintertime can be rough on your car, so if you’re in the need for a good cleaning, here are some of the best car washes in Grand Rapids.

Car Washes in Grand Rapids
Local car washes can help wipe that Winter grime off your car.


  1. Millennium Auto Wash & Detail

Customers love this car wash because it does a deep clean without messing with your side mirrors. They love their customers, too, and will give you a punch card and a $5 wash on Mondays.

  1. Tommy’s Express

At this car wash, you can get an oil change and a car wash all in one!

  1. Fox Shine Car Wash

The price can’t be beat at this car wash. If you just want a basic wash, you can get it for just $1! That’s right, a dollar. It’s perfect for getting the job done cheap and quickly.

  1. Cascade Car Wash

Cascade is a high-class car wash that will treat your car like royalty. They’ll even give you a cleaning cloth to wipe down your dashboard so that you can clean the inside of your car while they clean the outside.

Of course, cleaning your car on your own is always an option as well. But these places are sure to get that winter grime off.

Know of any other car washes in the area? Let us know by commenting below! Our team at Pfeiffer love to suggest some of the best word-of-mouth areas to our customers.

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