Christmas Tree Shopping 101

Christmas tree - Grand Rapids, MI
Have you found your tree yet? You will by following these tips!

First time picking out a real Christmas tree? No problem! We’ve put together some Christmas tree shopping basics to help you find, transport and set up the jolliest tree around.

Before You Go …

Measure the place where you’ll put your tree. If you plan to transport the tree inside of your car or truck, measure that too.

Types of Trees

There will often be several type of trees to choose from. Some of the most popular include the Douglas Fir, which has soft needles and good needle retention, meaning the needles stay on the branches and not on the floor. The Blue Spruce is a popular one, as it has beautiful foliage, a symmetrical look and strong branches to hold your ornaments. If you don’t care for that piney smell or have sap allergies, go for the Leyland Cypress.

Picking Your Tree

Look for a tree that’s fresh and has been well watered. Check that the needles are secure by gently tapping on a branch. If few needles fall off, and if the coloration is even, the tree is watered and healthy.

Transporting Your Tree

Usually, Christmas trees are sold in netting to hold the branches in. Bring an old sheet with you just in case there’s no netting. Situate your new tree on top of your car with the stump facing the windshield to protect from wind damage. Tie your tree atop your car by securing it to your roof rack with a bungee cord. If you don’t have a roof rack, open all of your doors and tie your tree to the car by looping the rope through the doors.

Caring for Your Tree

Be sure to place a tree skirt or an old sheet underneath your tree to collect any fallen needles. Place your tree in a tree stand that fits properly, and keep it thoroughly watered. Keep it in a cool place, and your tree will last well into the new year.

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