Latest Ford Technologies Revealed

2017 Ford Edge - Grand Rapids, MI
Ford’s latest updates will make driving safer than ever.

When it comes to driver’s technologies, Ford knows what it’s doing. That’s especially evident in all of the new Ford technologies that are coming out! These next-gen technologies will make us even safer and more confident on the road.

The technology starts with evasive steering assist, a brand-new technology that can help drivers avoid collisions. It works with a radar and camera, which detect both stationary objects and moving objects. If there is sudden braking or a collision in front of you, this system will give you extra steering support to help avoid it.

Wrong-way alert technology is another innovative update. This system uses both a windshield-mounted camera and the car’s navigation system in order to warn you when you’re driving the wrong direction. This is especially helpful in towns or cities that you don’t know very well.

If you hate parking, cross-traffic alert will help ease your pain. It detects both people and stationary objects behind the vehicle, and will brake for you if you don’t. Enhanced active park assist will parallel park or perpendicular park for you just by using a button!

You’ll have to wait a bit for these new technologies, but when they come, they’ll make your drive easier and safer!

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