Toyota Prius Prime Reveal Shows Off Most Electric Prius Yet

2017 Toyota Prius Prime - Grand Rapids, MI
Are you ready to experience the most electric driving experience yet with the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime?

The Toyota Prius has long been the gold standard when it comes to hybrid cars, essentially skyrocketing the technology when the model was first revealed years ago. And now, Toyota continues to raise the bar for fuel-efficient technology, with the new Toyota Prius Prime.

The Toyota Prius Prime reveal took place at the New York Auto Show, where we got a glimpse at this gorgeous new hybrid, which is more electric than ever before. Of course, the Prius Prime still runs on a combination of both electricity and gasoline.

Toyota carefully researched the average commute time to and from work of Prius drivers, and based the electric-only range time of the new Prius based on their findings. So if you’re one of those lucky drivers with a less-than-average commute time, you may find yourself completely devoid of the need for gasoline.

Many of the official stats for the Toyota Prius Prime have yet to be released – including its price – but it’s safe to assume that tax breaks and gasoline savings will make the model one of the most affordable in Toyota’s already well-priced lineup.

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