Best Tips for Parents Teaching Teen Drivers

School is back in session for a lot of students across the nation, and for many teenagers, that means preparing for milestones like obtaining their temporary permit or taking their driving test. Teaching teen drivers can be a scary proposition for parents, but we guarantee your teenager is equally terrified of the road. Try following some of our advice to make the process easier.

Teen Driver Backing Up - Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars
Follow these tips to make teaching your teen driver as easy as possible.

Pick a practice spot

Remember, starting off on the road isn’t the best idea. Find a large, empty parking lot such as a church’s lot during the week, or maybe a stretch of road that doesn’t get much traffic. Having a quiet spot to get used to the controls can help teens transition into driving easier.

Drive on the highway

This may seem like a complete one-eighty from the previous point, but once a teen gets used to the act of driving, it’s important for them to get comfortable on busy roads like the highway so they don’t freeze up in high traffic.

Don’t panic

Your teen is already panicking, so it’s up to you, the parent, to stay calm in hazardous situations. Remember, they’re still technically a kid, so they need your guidance!

Teaching teen drivers can seem frightening, but helping them get their driver’s license is one more step towards helping them become independent as an adult.  After they’ve got their license, come visit us at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars and we’ll help you find the perfect used vehicle for your new teen driver!

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