Road Trip Maintenance Checklist

road trip maintenance checklist

Nothing can ruin a road trip faster than maintenance issues. Being broken down in the middle of nowhere can be a very costly affair. Help prevent such a tragedy by adhering to this road trip maintenance checklist!

# 1 – Tires

Make sure your tires are in good health before you hit the road. Visually inspect them for damage and determine whether they have enough tread. If need be, have them replaced before you leave.

# 2 – Fluids

Check all of your fluid levels, including radiator, power steering, brake and oil. Top off any fluid levels that are too low. If it’s about time to get your oil changed, do it before you leave. Also, don’t forget windshield wiper fluid!

# 3 – Performance

Are your brakes too soft or squealing? If so, take your vehicle in to be inspected. You may need new brake pads. How is your alignment? If it’s not where it should be, get it fixed before you leave.

Perhaps you don’t have to time do everything yourself before you leave. In that case, schedule a comprehensive inspection with a trusted mechanic.

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