How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

get your car ready for summerSummer is right around the corner. That means sunny days, hot weather, and road trips. If you want to spend the summer comfortably cruising down the road, follow these tips to get your car ready for summer.

  • Air conditioning. There is almost nothing worse on a hot summer day than having a non-working air conditioner in your car. Keep you and your passengers cool by getting your A/C inspected.
  • Cooling system. Just like the A/C keep you cool inside the car, your car’s cooling system prevents it from overheating, unless it’s not working. Every two years or so, your cooling system should be flushed and refilled.
  • Battery. Scorching summer temperatures can wreak havoc on a battery and can cause a weak battery to fail, leaving you with a car that won’t start. If your battery is two-years-old or older, have it tested to make sure it has enough juice for the summer.
  • Tires. You should check your tire pressure once a month in addition to inspecting your tires for signs of wear. If you see anything unusual, have your tires inspected to see how much life they have left.

If you want to make sure your car is ready for the season ahead, schedule a service appointment today with our trained service technicians here at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars.

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