What Your Car Color Says: How Do Other Drivers Perceive You?

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Most owners think that car color is secondary to other features when buying a new car; however, a car color can say a lot about your personality. Below is a list of colors to help you determine what your car color says about you. It may just influence your decision next time you hit the car lot.

Although there are always exceptions, Today has an interesting list of what car colors tend to say about drivers. Based on gender, age, and even income, a car color can tell you a lot about the driver behind the wheel:

  • Black – these tend to make a refined statement, telling other drivers that you are powerful, elegant, and classic.
  • White – this color is notorious for getting dirty. So, if you like this color you may be pure, pristine, cleanly, and even direct.
  • Silver – one of the most popular colors, this has an elegance and prestige to it, and can even demonstrate modern tastes.
  • Red – this bright color pops, making it great for outgoing, dynamic and sensual drivers.
  • Blue – light blue is calming, while dark blue is confident and authoritative. Depending on the hue, you may make completely different statements with this color.
  • Green – aside from dark green, this is actually one of the rarest colors on the road. It often shows that you are tradition, organic, and even understanding.

Again, these colors don’t determine your personality to perfection; however, they may send signals to other drivers. Next time you go car shopping, consider making color a top priority.

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