How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

It’s been a weird winter weather-wise, but it seems like it’s finally going away to make way for spring. This means it’s time for some spring auto maintenance! Follow these tips on how to get your car ready for spring so you can start fresh.

Winter means grime. Slush, mud, and—worst of all—road salt get caked onto your undercarriage, and that’s not good for the metal under there. Getting a good thorough car wash or doing it yourself at home will not only make your car look nicer but protect your car from rust.

You should also check your tire pressure. Cold weather reduces tire pressure, so there might not be enough air in your tires. Now is also a good time to rotate them as well, since winter is hard on tire tread and you want to make sure they wear evenly.

If your wiper blades are leaving streaks or squeaking when you turn them on, replace them! You want good blades for the wettest season of the year. Check your fluids, top off anything that needs it, and then clean your interior, because it’s bound to be covered in slush.

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