Ford Teams Up with Fox’s Gotham to Showcase the 2016 Ford Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer

Riddle me this! Who has the most powerful SUV in the automotive industry? Why Ford, of course! It’s a pretty well-known fact that the 2016 Ford Explorer is one of the best-designed SUVs that Ford has ever produced. Now, Ford has found a distinct way to show just how super the Ford Explorer really is. Ford has teamed up with Fox’s Gotham to showcase the 2016 Ford Explorer.

“It’s a fun and very creative way to showcase some of what makes Explorer Platinum such a great vehicle,” says Ginger Kasanic, Ford experiential marketing manager. “A lot of people – from the show’s writers to Cory himself – really got involved in the story-telling process.”

Gotham follows the origins of some of Batman’s greatest villains, as well as the origins of the Dark Knight himself. In a series of different content narratives, Ford and Gotham will follow actor Cory Michael Smith’s character of Edward Nigma, better known as the Riddler, as he discovers exactly what kinds of technologies and features that the 2016 Ford Explorer has to offer.

Whether you are tracking down criminals or simply making your morning commute, you will find something to love inside the 2016 Ford Explorer!

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