Winter Weather Car Items to Keep at Hand When Driving This Season

Winter Weather Car Items
A high-quality ice scraper is essential to have in your car during winter.

Now that winter season is fully upon us, it’s important to update not only your vehicle’s safety kit but also to add some winter-friendly items. Whether or not you end up using everything, you’ll be glad you had it available. Here are some winter weather car items to consider:

  • An updated first aid kit that is replenished with plenty of antibiotic ointment and bandages.
  • A warm blanket or two, to keep you snug in emergency situations.
  • Additionally, a spare coat, pair of gloves, scarf, etc., which could really come in handy if you ever forget an item or lose something while out.
  • A flashlight with a spare battery, as well as a spare cell phone battery. There’s nothing more frustrating than relying on technology only to have it die on you.
  • Lastly, keep a quality shovel and ice scraper readily available. You may find your car snowed in somewhere, or you may simply be late for work and have an icy windshield.

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