Prepare Yourself This Season With These Snow Shoveling Tips

Snow Shoveling TipsAre you ready for the first big snowstorm? If you’ve got a long driveway – or really, any pathways to your home – shoveling can be a nightmare. This year, check out these snow shoveling tips to get you started:

  • Buy a quality shovel or two before the season starts – and not after the local stock is picked over.
  • Get yourself some comfortable, durable winter boots and gloves, and keep them handy near your shovel station.
  • Once you start – take breaks. This is extremely important, considering how frequently you will be bending over and putting strain on your back.
  • If you feel yourself struggling or get tired, consider recruiting some help. There are sure to be neighbors who will be willing to help you.
  • If all else fails, buy a snow plow!!

And if you’ve got a lot of driving to do, consider paying us a visit at Pfeiffer Lincoln, where we can show your our winter-ready models!

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