Tips on Preventing Rust from Road Salt

11425490133_1e2d5b01f0_zWinter is one of the worst times of the year when it comes to rust. Due to the salt used to keep the roads ice free, the corrosive residue often damages cars that frequently drive on winter roads. That’s why we’ve put together tips on preventing rust.

According to the DMV, salt is used on roads because it lowers the freezing point of water; therefore, ice turns to water and makes the roads safer. Though it increases travel safety, it has some serious drawbacks, including corrosive tendencies. If you’ve travelled a lot during snow season, you’ve probably seen the results.

The best tip is to plan ahead. In late fall, wash your car thoroughly and apply a coat of wax. This seals your car and protects the paint. If possible, seal the undercarriage with a store-bought sealant. This prevents fuel lines, gas tanks, and other parts from rusting and falling off.

Keeping your car clean is another good tip. Washing your car often during the winter time will get the road grime and salty residue off the exterior. Wax your car’s exterior when possible. Check for local detailers, as some are willing to come to your workplace, especially if there are many people in the office willing to pitch in.

Always dry your car thoroughly. Freezing is very bad for your car, especially he exterior. Pay special attention to where doors, windows, and trunks seal.

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