Top Myths about Car Seats

11425345566_a42717b19e_zJust in time for Child Passenger Safety Week, Buckle Up For Life and Toyota have shared some of the top myths about car seats to help dispel common misconceptions and keep families safe. Believe it or not, we also run into some of these at Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars, so we thought we’d share the most important ones below.

Myth 1: Expensive car seats are safer than cheap ones.

As much as some expensive car seat manufacturers would like you to believe, this simply isn’t true. All NHTSA-approved seats are equally safe. Paying more just gets you extra bells and whistles like better quality cloth.

Myth 2: Seat belts are enough to protect small children.

One of the reasons child car seats exist is that seat belts are not enough for small children. They ride up their necks or waists, bringing harm instead of safety during a crash. Children under 4’9 should use booster seats to elevate them so that seat belts can correctly protect them.

Myth 3: Young children can ride in forward-facing car seats.

Until children exceed the height or weight limit for a car seat or reach the age of two, they should always face the rear of the car. According to a University of Virginia study, children under the age of two are 75% less likely to die or to be severely injured in a crash if they are rear-facing.

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