Ford Mustang is the World’s Best-Selling Sports Car

11353066936_1b831b0761_zEveryone who visits Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars knows the Mustang is a popular car, as does the rest of the country—but what about in the rest of the world? Turns out, it’s pretty popular there, too. In fact, according to the latest global data by IHS Automotive, a whopping 76,124 registrations have made the Mustang the world’s best-selling sports car through the first half of 2015!

Even more impressive is that the right-hand drive variants have yet to go on sale. Though the first shipments won’t arrive until at least November, there are already thousands of pre-orders for these Mustang models, including 3,000 in Australia; 2,000 in the United Kingdom; and 400 in New Zealand. The ‘Stang is also preparing to launch in Japan, South Africa, and several other right-hand drive countries.

But what about back home? It’s a story of success here, too. Deliveries were up 53% through August and the Mustang has been handily beating rivals such as the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Used or new, America’s favorite sports car is definitely still on top.

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