Fun Games to Play in the Car on a Family Drive

fun games to play in the car“Are we there yet?” is almost a cliché of childhood, the family road trip a bore for the impatient passengers in the backseat. But road trips don’t have to make your family irritable – especially if you’re armed with fun games to play in the car. Quell any boredom on the spot with one of these following activities:

Name that Tune: A classic game with endless permutations, you can let kids (and adults) guess what song is being played. Have passengers hum or sign their tunes if you’re going lo-fi, or use your Ford sound system to play songs from the radio or an mp3 player.

20 Questions: Instead of having kids ask if you’re almost there, let them ask if you’re thinking of an animal, vegetable, or mineral. It’s simple: think of something, anything, and see if others in the cabin can guess that thing within 20 questions.

Tunnel: A display of physical conditioning, this game requires everyone (but not the driver!) to hold their breath once the car goes into a tunnel. Whoever holds it the longest wins “Best Lungs.”

Story-telling: Go around the cabin and have every rider contribute a new sentence. You’ll be surprised at how differently the story ends from where it began.

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