Gamers Design Ideas for Travel at the Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge

Ford Smart Mobility ChallengeFord is recruiting gamers to help design the future of mobility. By challenging developers to revamp travel and planning, this could just change the future of the auto industry. As part of the Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge, developers at the Gamescom competition were encouraged to come up with their best ideas.

According to Ford, this is a promising area for urban transport. For example, commuters could be rewarded for successful journeys, based on things such as time, cost, comfort, and convenience. Five finalists will be chosen from a range of experts in mobility and design.

“The Smart Mobility Game Challenge is designed to…take a fresh approach to tackling today’s global mobility issues,” said Ken Washington, vice president of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. “Applying the fun, engaging and rewarding aspects of games to journey planning can allow people to improve their commutes, track their success and become aware of how their behavior impacts the transport infrastructure as a whole.”

The winner gets €10,000—the equivalent of about $11,080—and the opportunity to show results at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Europe. As part of the Ford Smart Mobility project, this event aims to change the way the world moves with innovative ideas.

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